Welcome to Ynze fan Fenson

born February 15, 2007

sire: Ait 410 (by Feitse 293P)

dam: Hardwich D (by Krist 358)

Ynze is a very up-headed colt, curious and full of himself.  Loves to play in the water tubs and harass his poor mother. He is up-headed and full of himself.  This boy doesn't walk anywhere.  It's a hock popping trot at all times.  Oh so very handsome!

not even one hour old....

8 days old

 3 weeks old


at 4 weeks (below)


at 6 weeks old


at 4 months old


Ynze at the Florida Keuring

September 27, 2007

2nd premie - Reserve Champion


13 months old


Ynze at 16 months old


at 20 months

2 years old






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