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Imperial Crusader

Imperial Crusader, 1994 son of our beloved Morgan stallion, Paramount Imperial.  Cruiser made the trip here with us from NH as a two yr. old.  He is our granddaughter Brooke's favorite and she loves trail riding with him.


This is Jerry's Appaloosa gelding, Gold Digger.
Digger was an abuse case we saved and has turned out to be the nicest guest horse anyone could ask for.  He's always ready to go on a trail ride, anywhere, with anyone, anytime!  A great horse.


Newest addition to the horse population is Castille.   "Steele" as we call him, is Jerry's new
Rocky Mountain Horse.  He came to us from upper New York State and certainly enjoyed his first winter in Florida!  He's a real gentleman and has given many ranch visitors, as well as Jerry, many happy hours on the trails.
He is happily grazing with the gelding herd in the big pastures when not being asked to haul someone out for a trail ride.


This is our faithful dog, Shadow.  She is not only the sweetest dog but a wonderful companion.
In August 2005 we had to put our beloved Shadow to sleep.  She had gotten Cushings Disease for which there is no treatment or cure.  We would not let her suffer with this and she was put to rest here at the ranch while I held her in my arms.  She is truly missed each and every day.


"Scooter" is a toy fox terrier who wandered into our ranch and lives.  She was pretty sick with heartworm but managed the treatment just fine.
She has a zest for life that few could match.  She loves to go riding with us and never tires of it.
She has brought hours of laughter to us.


On January 1, 2006 we started the New Year by adopting a very darling, very old and very needy little dog.  She has several pretty serious medical issues to deal with but we felt if we could give her some quality for whatever time she has left, we would do that.
Su-Z was taken in by a local dog rescue after she was found dropped in their yard on Thanksgiving Day.  She is a Rat Terrier, who weighs under 7 lbs!  She is about 1/3rd the size of Scooter who is a Toy Fox Terrier.  It was love at first sight and she has given us many warm and fuzzy moments.  She only knew how to sit in your lap constantly when we first got her, but now she has decided she loves being a rancher and can't wait to run to the barn and hang out with all the critters there!  She's a joy to have. 

After almost two years, Su-Z's medical issues became too much for her and she was put to rest on the ranch.

Our newest puppy Shammi came to us very unexpectedly.  I was in Ohio at the Friesian World Show when someone put that 6-week old ball of fur in my lap.  I was a goner!  I bought her a plane ticket and a carry case - and home to Florida she came.  Shammi is a Pekinese - Pomeranian cross - imagine the feisty personality there!!  She was to be a tiny lap dog but had her own plan: she spends her days outside playing with Waldo (the barn cat) and the chickens.  She has brought Scooter back to puppy-hood and they play for hours!


Here is "Stowie", nickname for her full name of "Stowaway."  Stowie lived with us on our boat for several years and even made the trip to the Bahamas with us.  She has adjusted to ranch life quite well and loves to spend her days sleeping on the lanai by the pool. 

Unfortunately we lost her in November 2005 at the age of 13.


This is Waldo, our barn kitty.  Waldo came to us after being a feral kitten and has adapted well to living with the horses and taking care of the unwanted barn critters!

We have fondly named him Waldo from the "Where's Waldo" strip.  One never knows where you will find him!  On top of the tractors, up on the diesel tank, in the sawdust shed on the pile, just about anywhere.  Waldo and Scooter have an on going teasing game going.  Waldo teases, Scooter chases, grabs and drags Waldo along.  Waldo does it all over again!


This is Adios, our darling pony mule.
We purchased her from a petting zoo when she was 18 mo. old.  She was being mauled by children and we felt she deserved a better life than that.
A better life she has!  She bosses every horse on the ranch around, no matter how big they are.  She loves to go along on our trail rides and just runs free with Scooter our terrier dog. Now and then she gets side tracked visiting some of the neighbors but manages to "catch up" after her visits.  She loves company here on the ranch and is a sweet little girl.  Jerry lovingly refers to her as "CUPS" which is an acronym for "Cute Useless Piece of S---!"  She always speaks so nicely of him! 



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