Congratulations to Nancy and Ed Gavarny on the purchase of this beautiful mare

Anja, a 2000 Fetse/Marko mare and was imported from Friesland in February of 2005.  I had seen her in a pasture there when I went over for the stallion show and was struck by her up-headed beauty.  She arrived at Imperial Oaks Friesians in early March and has been settling in and adjusting to the Florida weather. 

 She has joined Marja and Tanja as pasture mates and seems quite content to be here.

We have started her ground work now and she is proving to be a very worthy student!  She's very quick to learn and loves to please. 
She's been under the saddle for a few months now - and doing nicely.  October 11, she went on her first trail ride and was a perfect young lady.



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